Who we are

ROOCOO is a company based in St. Kitts that provides services for image and media creation, promotion and management. Working with images involves not only the graphic art aspect but also brand enhancement where a company or an individual may be the subject. These services are utilized by the owners of the company and also offered to the wider public. The company’s owners have over 30 years of experience bringing ideas to life that are embodied in products and events that are of a superior standard.

In its quest to remain relevant ROOCOO has endeavoured to keep abreast of the technological advances that have revolutionized the process of communication. These advances have also revolutionized the media products and delivery. In that regard the company has invested in resources for image and media production that are geared for placement on the web. While this is so ROOCOO still offers traditional promotion options that involve radio, TV and print for example.

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