Who We Are

ROOCOO is a company based in St. Kitts that provides services for image and media creation, promotion and management. Working with images involves not only the graphic art aspect, but also brand enhancement where a company or an individual may be the subject. The owners of the company utilize these services, and they also offer them to the wider public. Also, the company’s owners have over 30 years of experience, bringing ideas to life that are seen in products and events that are of a superior standard.

Moreover, in its quest to remain relevant ROOCOO has kept up with the technological advances that have revolutionized the process of communication. These advances have also revolutionized the media products and delivery. Therefore, ROOCOO has invested in image and media production resources that get material ready to be put on the web. Additionally, ROOCOO still offers traditional promotion options that involve radio, TV and print for example.

What our Clients say about us

“I am quite pleased to have used the services of ROOCOO. While working with this company you will feel a personal touch coupled with professionalism. I decided to use the services last July when I decided to upgrade my French publication Facile à Dire and I’m quite pleased I chose them as I was pleased with the outcome.”

Claudine Saunders

Author, Facile à Dire

“As the owner of multiple businesses, there’s been no better-allied agency delivering results like ROOCOO. Professionally friendly and efficiently equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the technological world, ROOCOO is highly regarded. We at Auto Estate- St. Kitts and Nevis would like to say Thank You ROOCOO for delivering the best when good would have been enough. THANK YOU ROOCOO

Emmanuel Aidelomon

CEO, Auto Estate SKN

ROOCOO is able to take a brief and not only accurately conceptualise the client’s requirements but creatively represent them.

Work is timely and always of a high quality.”

Russell Williams

Principal, The IT Facility

I’ve worked with ROOCOO since 2013 when I decided to start my own business. I had a basic website that wasn’t working well to bring forward the image of my company. When ROOCOO revamped the site, they not only brought life to it but the attention they paid to the details and keeping me informed of the changes and reasons why, gave me the confidence I never had in the previous one. They have been managing my site since then and I have all the confidence in the world of their abilities and their creations. I would not choose anyone else!

Sophia Kelly

CEO, Sea Horse Enterprise